Monday, January 10, 2011

A Sequel to The Match Before Christmas

When I wrote The Match Before Christmas, I intended it as a one time visit into the world of Barry Richards and Adam Collins. Then, readers began commenting that they'd like to know more about these two.

Fanning the Flames, at approximately 13,000 words, has just been submitted for publication. Although it couldn't possibly make a pre-Valentine's Day date, it does center around that holiday. And as bumbling as Barry is trying to meet a man, can you just imagine him fumbling his way through gift selection in keeping with Adam's "let's take it slow" policy? Poor Barry, I brought him back only to torture him some more.


  1. Wheeee. So glad we get to see them again. Congrats and looking forward to it. Readers are awful aren't we? Authors go "There all done." and readers go "Ooooh, can we have more? Please? Wouldn't it be great to have just a bit more?" and thankfully authors listen, sometimes. :-)

  2. Lol. Thanks. Yeah, the moment I read, "Can we have a sequel?" Barry started pestering me. For such a calm, quiet guy, he can be very persistent. You'll get to see a bit more of Adam in the new story.

  3. We love it when you torture your characters. Um, they are still alive, right? No one got speared with anything worse than Cupid's arrow, did they?

  4. I was tempted to bring back some of his horror dates, but couldn't bring myself to be that cruel. And no, no one died. (So unlike me not to kill of a character.)


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